New scale up videos

November 6, 2018

Illustration demonstrating scaling-up and the pitfalls











Slide from Susan Bulthuis’ presentation


If you were at the Fifth Global Symposium for Health Systems Research in October you may have attended sessions on health intervention scale-up. Some sessions featured PERFORM2Scale team members while others were on the project itself.

If you missed them or want to revisit them – bearing in mind the ‘Lessons on scaling-up’ session was described by one attendee as “the best session at the symposium” – videos of the sessions are available below (links open in YouTube).


Scaling-up health system interventions


Lessons on scaling-up interventions to improve equitable access to health care

More on the background to the session here

The WHO report referred to by Peter Fajans, ‘Beginning With The End In Mind’, can be found on the ExpandNet website.