Management of human resources for health in health districts in Uganda: a decision space analysis

13 Jul 2021
Wesam Mansour, Adelaine Aryaija-Karemani, Tim Martineau, Justine Namakula, Paul Mubiri, Freddie Ssengooba, Joanna Raven

Decentralisation has been adopted by many governments to strengthen national systems, including the health system. Decision space is used to describe the decision-making power devolved to local government. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a challenging area that District Health Management Teams (DHMT) need some control over to develop innovative ways of improving health services.

This poster/abstract summarises a study which aims to examine the use of DHMTs’ reported decision space for HRM functions in Uganda. It was presented by Wesam Mansour at the 2021 ISQua conference.

Uganda; management strengthening;