Stage: Act

Implementing the strategies according to the workplan

In this stage, the DHMT will implement the strategies developed in the workplan over an agreed period. 


  • DHMTs may realise before the end of Workshop 2, or when they return to the districts, that they need to adjust the workplan based on discussions with the full DHMT and collection of information that they did not have with them at the workshop.  
  • DHMTs should consider alignment to and, if possible, integration into the annual planning cycle of districts. Alignment of plans to available resources at district level is also necessary.
  • The facilitators need to encourage each DHMT to start implementing their workplans as soon as possible and to use the indicators developed to monitor progress. If possible, existing information systems should be used for monitoring to avoid extra work.
  • Facilitators can help by encouraging the review of monitoring data and to use this opportunity to help the DHMTs reflect on progress and decide whether workplans need to be modified during the implementation period.

+++ To get more buy-in for the workplan, it might be helpful to organise a presentation to a wider group of stakeholders at district level. +++


NB The full MSI toolkit containing this text and links to all associated documents can be found here.