Management Strengthening Intervention toolkit

These pages are home to the PERFORM2Scale Management Strengthening Intervention (MSI) Toolkit. The pages comprise instructions on how to use the kit and a series of useful guides and templates which might be adapted for your own use. The instructions are available as both webpages and a single Word document which you can download here. Within that document are links to the associated guides and templates which can also be downloaded from these webpages. The structure of the webpages is as follows:


    Purpose of this toolkit

    The purpose of this toolkit is to share the guidance and tools used by PERFORM2Scale to facilitate the MSI process for adaptation for other projects. The toolkit was reviewed at the end of PERFORM2Scale to clarify the instructions based on the experience of the facilitators.  The teams of facilitators also provided useful tips about how to improve or adapt the material. These tips are shown throughout the document, as shown in this example: 

    +++Some DHMTs found it useful to use a prioritisation matrix for selecting the problem to work on before moving to a detailed analysis during Workshop 1.+++


    Who is the toolkit for?

    The toolkit will be of interest to any organisation or facilitators planning a management development programme using an action research approach. It might be possible for small groups of districts to adapt the process so that they could run the MSI themselves. It is expected that the approach and the tools would be adapted to the specific needs of the users, so the tools have not been changed.


    Abbreviations used throughout

    • DG – District Group
    • CRT – Country Research Team
    • DHMT – District Health Management Team
    • MSI – Management Strengthening Intervention
    • NSSG – National Scale-up Steering Group
    • RT – Resource Team


    The PERFORM2Scale team wishes you good luck with your adaptation of this toolkit. We would love to hear about your experiences – however much or little of the toolkit you have used.  

    Please contact us by email at: joanna [dot] raven [at] lstmed [dot] ac [dot] uk



    This toolkit was originally developed by the PERFORM consortium funded by the European Union’s FP7-HEALTH programme and further developed by the PERFORM2Scale consortium funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Thanks are also due to government partners in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda who helped to facilitate the programme and District Health Management Teams in those countries who participated in the Management Strengthening Intervention.