Our findings so far - October 2019

06 Nov 2019

PERFORM2Scale findings so far - October 2019

Screengrab of the briefing paper

This briefing paper presents the results of a consortium-wide evaluation, 18 months into the PERFORM2Scale programme. It presents an overview of progress to date in each of the participating countries - Ghana, Malawi and Uganda.

As well as providing a background to PERFORM2Scale and its main principles and processes, it also looks at:

  • Workforce performance and service delivery problems addressed by the DHMTs
  • Management competencies gained by the DHMTs
  • Scale-up resourcing and infrastructure
  • Champions and stakeholders
  • How DHMTs are capacitated in the MSI approach
  • The facilitators and challenges of scale-up

A shorter, two-page version of this paper is available here.

Scale-up Management strengthening Workforce performance Ghana Malawi Uganda