Performance management for quality improvement in Uganda

29 Jun 2021
Screengrab of the brief with the title how can the MSI imrpove CQI?

The team from Makerere University School of Public Health (in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Health Service Commission and Ministry of Local Government) has been working with DHMTs from nine districts in Uganda. Using a management strengthening intervention (MSI) they've helped the DHMTs to become better managers and to improve service delivery in their districts.

In this brief they explain how the management strengthening intervention contributes to continuous quality improvement in Uganda's health service, dovetailing with the existing PDSA (plan, do, study act) cycle. The brief covers:

  • What is the MSI?
  • What has the MSI achieved in Uganda?
  • How does it work?
  • How can the MSI improve CQI?
Screengrab of the brief that reads Performance Management for Quality Improvement in Uganda