Using the integration of human resource management strategies at district level to improve workforce performance: analysis of workplan designs in three African countries

24 Jul 2023
Tim Martineau, Wesam Mansour, Marjolein Dieleman, Patricia Akweongo, Samuel Amon, Kingsley Chikaphupha, Paul Mubiri & Joanna Raven
Images showing the progress of the MSI in its initial stages


The PERFORM2Scale project used an action research approach to support district-level management teams in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda to develop appropriate workplans to address service delivery and workforce-related problems using a set of integrated human resources strategies. This paper provides evidence of the feasibility of supporting managers at district level to design appropriate integrated workplans to address these problems.

The study demonstrated that, with appropriate support using an action research approach, District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) are able to design workplans which include integrated HR strategies. This process will help districts to address workforce and other service delivery problems as well as improving ‘health workforce literacy' of DHMT members which will benefit the country more broadly if and when any of the team members is promoted. 

Download this Human Resources for Health paper here [opens new tab]

Ghana; Uganda; Malawi; DHMT